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 Best of The British by LUK3^
Cast: various players
Author: Luke 'LUK3^' Lee
Container: mp4 (x264)
Size: 470.63 MB
Resolution: 1280x720
Released: 15.11.2011

I wanted to create this movie as a tribute to some of the UK guys I have had the pleasure of playing with over the last few years, this includes both past and present. Some of the frags you may have seen already in some of the players individual movies but that doesn’t meant to say that they aren’t worth seeing again. Here is the list of the legendary players included in this movie:

uk Luke ‘LUK3^’ Lee
uk Joseph ‘Jo3y’ Dant
uk Dave ‘phn’ Wood
uk Robbie ‘Lindo’ Lindsay
uk Matthew ‘turtz’ Coppard
uk Joseph ‘bourne’ King
uk Jon ‘bnzr’ Mangan
uk Alex ‘RiN’ Angear

I downloaded Photoshop, learned some of the basics and created the avatars all in a few hours. They are by no means amazing but they kind of sum up the experiences I have had with these guys over the last few years, the majority of the pictures are of the guys out on the drink no surprise there! Editing wise the movie couldn’t compete with others out there at the minute but that wasn’t my intention and never was but frag wise it’s brilliant and that’s what frag movies are about right?

The amount of problems I have had while creating this movie include (I think all movie makers would understand what I mean here); my hard drive died, Sony Vegas broke 3 times and the project had to be restarted, the plugins on Vegas broke and removed a lot of the editing so I had to start editing again as well as not being able to open Vegas again, trouble with after effects, trouble rendering and many more. Before my hard drive dies again and my motivation disappears again I have rendered what I had instead of not creating anything at all.

My intention was to keep this movie simple so people can see the frags because most if not all of them are very good, this movie is also full of memories for us UK guys hopefully something we can look back on in a few years time and have a good laugh about!

I have to admit I am a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to get demos from some of the other UK guys I have been privileged to play with this includes; Mattiii, boom, bAc, TBallS, Austar, Mr-Softy, lemming + many more...
Length: 7:56
Framerates: 400 => 40

Music used:
Dark New Day - Fill Me Again
Thrice - Don't Tell And We Won't Ask

Try to find another stream: http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=dods Best of The British by LUK3^
Alternative download link: http://www.tront.co.uk/luk3/Fragmovies/Best%20of%20the%20British.rar

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1 sok  
у Люка как снайпера смотрю лучшее достижение - два анскопа подряд biggrin

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2 Fevrik  
понравилось красивые минусы

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3 Antares  
Все отлично, только синхра с музыкой у него не особо.. но даже с этим 5 из 5

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4 Vanpelt  
Фраги ахуенны, некоторые уже правда видел в других мувиках, это чуток опечалило. Больше всех фраги рина порадовали. 5 из 5

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5 Algorithm  
Я считаю в другом мувике эти фраги смотрелись бы куда лучше. Не понравилось.

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6 Vanpelt  
Да последние фраги рина на арге вообще жуть =) Монстер)

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