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 zP! Highlights of the Week 8b/2010 by sok
Cast: various players
Author: Andrei 'sok' Sokolovski
Container: mp4 (x264)
Size: 133.91 MB
Resolution: 1280x720
Released: 31.03.2010

So, this is it. It was a bit long in time, sorry. Now I understand what it means "working under pressure ;)". Actually, editing of a first part was completed more then for a week, but... There is always a 'but'...
So my first problem was - i have had more frags to show. So i started a second part. This taked some more time and then my pc wanted not to render properly anymore, so i spent some time in fighting with him, and therefore the final quality it not so good as i meaned it :(
I apologize for all who are not in - your frags was not bad ( mostly ;) ), just bad luck. Some frags were not impressive enouth, some frags were already featured in another fragmovie (german one ;)), or some demos was too laggy to use them (sorry p3tt!). Futher, was trying to represent various competitions, various nationalities and various skill levels, then it supposed to be a "community" movie. I really tryed to make it with a music theme on community propositions, but at the end have had to do it in my own style ;)
Now you can watch 2 different movies and some small bonus. Hope they are not very bad... and happy easter!

Просьба людям с тонкой душевной организацией (нервных, детей, инвалидов и других беременных женщин) мувик
...Во избежание выкидышей и отмирания частичек души...
см ссылку

Players featured:
Length: 2:45

Music used:
Hadouken!- Bombshock

Try to find another stream: http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=dods zP! Highlights of the Week 8b/2010 by sok
Alternative download link: http://www.myzp.eu/files/hotw/2010/zp_hotw_8b_2010.zip

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1 zero  
А чем отличаются 2 мувика??

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3 sok  
Вообще-то это как бы продолжение хотвика 8, но из-за того что музыка и стиль резко отличаются, я выделил эту часть в отдельный муви

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2 Joker  
Первый пока не отрывается, а тут красивые фраги cool

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4 andre  
Хороший мувик!!
Отличное интро! Ритмичная музыка! Интересные фраги!
Твердая пятерка!
Жаль быстро закончился..

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