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 imp - Divide Et Impera by Rodo
Cast: Jan 'imp.' Sichel
Author: João 'Rodo' Abramovich
Container: mkv (x264)
Size: 565.02 MB
Resolution: 1280x720
Released: 16.11.2011

hey all!

really, i never thought that i will make a thread like this! ;P

but yea, after waiting 3-4 years, 2 moviemakers, 2 trailers, many problems with this f****** demo breakdowns, a lots of patience and more and more footage its finally done!

what can i say...

First song was selected by myself, 2nd by Rodo. and yes, all footage are official stuff from ligues/some cups over the time...!

i have lots of more footage from pre-palermo, 2008 (also Maxlan) and 2010/2011, but many demos are broken and Rodo and me dont want to make this movie to long! So there will be a 2nd part of "Divide Et Impera" also create by Rodo in the next time with missing footage! :)

i dont want to list all i know, i played with and against or stuff like that... so here a short version ;-)

a big "THANKS" goes especially to my last Teams:

w4sp.XS (Maxlan)
sinGaming and finally
myAtera/pod. !

also zP!LAN Team:


...and all who know me from playing with and against me!! :)

Special Thanks:

.lws/zone <3
Rodo for making this movie!! <3
and -> pod. !!!
thx for reading and watching! :)
Time to apology, with the word: the editor.

I wanted this movie to be enjoyable and with good sync. It's well synced, but not as tight as I wanted to be. Soundtrack was chosen by Imp and I, he wanted to stick with the song picked by the previous editor of this movie (the mighty Kevin "eXonity" Krueger) which is "Headphones" by Disco Ensemble, and I had chosen the Nine Inch Nail's song "We're In This Together". Unfortunatelly, this song was chosen by the people back in Marvel Studios to be soundtrack of the new Avengers trailer, i was 50% edited on this song and i decided to keep going even knowing that people would relate my choice to the trailer release. Anyways, both songs are good, solids and have different paces, which gave me a lot of room to make the two parts of this movie very clear.

The Old DOD:S gave me a LOT of issues. Sometimes it was not recording properly, setbacks with cfg, you name it. Was a struggle to get some footage out of that copy. The footage came out quite good, but with model-lagging issues when I slowed the velocity down to lower than 20% on envelopes, even with supersample envelopes on, it was still a mess. so i tried not to go so hard with slows, even though its impossible to edit a movie nowadays without making slowmotions, and as 70% of Imp's footage was on pre-palermo dods, i hadn't another choice.

That's about it. Movie is out, after nearly a month of editing (wich for the lenght on this movie it was quite a fast work) and after submerge myself in 2GBs of demos we filtered the footage and released this movie. A black side of this movie will be released in january, with some other frags that we've decided not to put on this one. I hope you enjoy this movie, maybe try to catch the feeling on it.

Thanks for downloading and reading all this.

Music used:
Disco Ensemble - Headphones
Nine Inch Nail's - We're In This Together

Try to find another stream: imp - Divide Et Impera by Rodo

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фраги офигенные!) мне понравилось!

Не понравилось.


неплохо, хотя ожидал нечто совсем другое если честно... Как-то осталось впечатление что Родо пытался сделать стиль под Эксонити и это ему не особенно удалось...
Если кто не в курсе этой истории, первый трейлер к этому мувику появился больше двух лет назад:
Эксонити долго боролся, но не все-таки не сдюжил и забросил работу... И только совсем недавно за дело взялся Родо. Будучи под впечатлением от трейлера он как я понимаю пытался воспроизвести такую же картинку и вдобавок отказался от всех своих обычных приемов и эффектов, разве что интро и аутро сделал по-своему...
Зря по-моему. Фраги хорошие а подача местами откровенно хромает...
Плюс первый трек выбирал имп, и Родо видимо не слишком въехал как делать синк под эту музыку, второй трек намного живее смотрится.
Но все же от меня - твердая 4ка, так как есть неплохие находки, да и качество в целом отличное, мастерство не пропьешь smile

как то скучно

Честно говоря не понравился совсем мувик. Ожидал гораздо большего. И родо мог сделать больше, и фраги могли быть достойнее.

Кстати ник забавный у пасана, которого убил имп на хари : insular\debil

это олскульный еще игрок, он во всех мувиках инсулар был
где-то даже видел его собственный мувик, но очень старый и плохого качества...

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