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 jo3y - Perplexed V
Cast: Joseph 'jo3y' Dant
Author: Joseph 'jo3y' Dant
Container: mp4 (x264)
Size: 345.66 MB
Resolution: 1280x720
Released: 29.08.2011

"Just me pure fragging :D"

The last and final of the series.

"I wanted to finalise my perplexed movie series and with it my last and final piece is finally completed. I really wanted to work on my Cinematography and colour scheme as these really are main parts, for me atleast."

To summerise this movie; first off you might be hit and miss about it for some people this movie is completely mixed taste, quite unique and well very different from regular ones
major things which people may not like are:

- hud
- music
- certain effects

But I'm fine with that as I personally love the hud, music and all the effects. Sure I will adapt and create a new style which everyone will love if I was ever to create another movie, but this IS my last movie featuring myself in DOD:S, Not to say I won't create another movie for someone else... But it's not going to be a for a while that's for sure.

It's been quite some time working on the project. I started early june I think.. straight after phn's movie, but after a month I deleted it all (wasn't happy with it at all) So... this is the final outcome
It's not a farewell from me but a farewell from me fragwise.

Thanks to these guys for everything:

- Luke (Giving me the opportunity to play
at the highest level)
- Lindo (Getting me to the level i am today)
- Dave (Probably the best around)
- tepa (I am a huge beiber fan)

My Current team (FirstFrag)
All of my previous team mates
All previous Team UK's
Everyone who I speak to on steamfriends.

It's been fun chumps..

Peace out
Joey ~
Length: 5:50

Music used:
22-20s - such a fool + jesper kyd - Brotherhood of the Assassins & The Brotherhood Escapes
The Libertines - Up The Bracket
Arctic Monkeys - Cigarette Smoker Fiona
Beady Eye - Four Letter Word
The subways - Rock 'n' Roll Queen

Try to find another stream: http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=dods jo3y - Perplexed V
Alternative download link: http://www.tront.co.uk/luk3/Fragmovies/Perplexed%20V.rar

| Added by: sok |
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1 Sprit_of_eagle  
Очень понравился мувик. Необычно, динамично, классная синхронизация,. Добавить наверно нечего) муви хорош. 5 баллов однозначно smile

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2 sok  
Сказать по правде я никогда бы не подумал, что джои когда-нибудь выйдет на ТАКОЙ уровень мувимейкинга... Все, что он до сих пор делал, было в большей или меньшей мере подражание если не копирование стиля эксодуса.
Здесь же совсем другой подход... Сначала подумал даже - да ладно, сам ли он это делал? Факт в том, что в мувике применены как минимум три-четыре совершенно новые для него техники и сразу на отличнейшем уровне (ae-editing, 3d-modelling, tracking). И это при том, что последняя его работа на конкурс мувимейкинга вышла достаточно недавно и она, скажем так, вовсе не блистала...
Так или иначе, если это действительно новый джои, то я только могу сказать "снимаю шляпу" и "так держать"!

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3 G∑M°  
Завораживает если честно.

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4 dan  
мне понравилось!

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